Orrin Woodward IAB Top Leadership Award Winner for 2011

Orrin Woodward is chosen as the Independent Association of Businesses 2011 TOP LEADERSHIP AWARD WINNER!

According to the IAB:

The IAB Small Business Awards recognizes and awards businesses who achieve both qualitative and quantitative results in their organization.  The leadership award is the highest award given among all 10 categories.  This award applies to one’s own leadership principals and how they help develop and influence successful leaders throughout American businesses.

Who is the IAB?

The Independent Association of Businesses, (IAB) is recognized as America’s Premier Membership Association as a leader of innovative access to membership benefits.  Acknowledged by having represented the interests of more than a million members and receiving prestigious commendation by state and federal officials for its ability to educate and advance the growth of America’s small businesses and the self employed.

As a friend, protégé, and business associate of Orrin Woodward I have witnessed firsthand his commitment to Honor, Character, and Excellence which are all qualities of a true leader.

Congratulations Orrin!

Could You Be A Leader?

As I have read books from various business leaders such as John Maxwell and Orrin Woodward, both one of the world’s top 25 Leadership Gurus I have noticed that they are consistent in their messages. Each has their own message and own style but you can readily see that these leaders do not vary in their beliefs. Unlike many politicians who send one message to one group and a quite different message to another group to collect votes, these leaders stay true to their beliefs. This is very refreshing in a day when there is such confusion around truth, and when everyone seems to want to vent their opinion (even when there is no substance to back it up).

It is also interesting to see their peers. Take a look at just some of the Worlds Top 25 Leadership Guru’s and see if you recognize any of these names;  John Maxwell, Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard,  Ram Charan, Mark Driscoll,  Anthony Robbins, Rudy Giuliani,  Jack Welch, Jim Collins, Tony Dungy, Meg Whitman, and Orrin Woodward.  I’m sure you recognize some if not all of these names.

Who are most peoples peers? Who are yours? Are they positive or negative? Do they uplift or tear you or others down? It IS interesting to note that although all of these men and women are accomplished in their fields, all are controversial in one way or another. That’s one of the things that set them apart. They are not doing what everyone else does.  They do not follow the crowd. For example; John Maxwell originally was a Pastor in a church and today is the #1 leadership expert in the secular world, Rudy Giuliani the former Mayor of New York during the September 11 World Trade Tower attack stood up and led NYC and gave the country hope during our countries most trying time has been criticized on his handling of the crisis, Jack Welch the former CEO of GE was call “Neutron Jack” because he fired so many people to do what best selling author Jim Collins called “getting the right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus” yet in doing so built it into one of the most successful companies in the world, Meg Whitman as CEO of e-Bay led it to become one of the worlds most recognized names was criticized from both the left and right when she ran for Governor of California as being incapable to lead the State of Calif. Tell me a leader who hasn’t been criticized and I will have to question whether they really lead something worthwhile.

I hope as you begin or continue on your leadership journey that you have the courage of your convictions to stay the course even in times of opposition.  That is one of the qualities that make a leader a leader.