The Most Expensive Real Estate – Invest In It While You Can

It has been a 2 year hiatus from posting. Much has happened over the last couple years both personally and in the world at large. But as much as things have changed many things have remained the same. They say that plans may change but principles remain the same. And that my friends, is one of the reasons I have decided to begin posting again. I have realized that over the last 30 plus years of my life I have been extremely fortunate. Fortunate that I have been blessed with an amazing wife who has believed in me and supported me even during my periods of doubt and failure, and children who love and respect their parents as we struggled to make our way as parents and to find our place in the world.

Each of us have paths we have taken and many times those paths have led us to results different than our expectations when we were young and dreamed of an amazing life. Early in my life I decided to learn from those who were farther in life than I, and with the results in their personal and professional lives I wanted to emulate. I have had two great mentors who have helped to shape the life we have today. I don’t think I was the best student in that I struggled implementing the wisdom that was shared, but if there is one quality I am proud to have had, it was persistence. Persistence or maybe stubbornness to not quit, because when you quit you quit on you.

I heard it said once, that the most expensive real estate in the world is not in Dubai, Singapore, New York City, or LA it is your mind. How are you treating your expensive real estate? Do you take care of that property as though it is the most expensive piece of property you will ever own? Is it depreciating or appreciating in value, because one day it will bring the return you expect of it. Let me know what you are doing to improve that valuable piece of real estate between your ears?


4 thoughts on “The Most Expensive Real Estate – Invest In It While You Can

  1. It is so true, one of the things I work on daily is how and what I think. Reading is very important. As I work on my health, I realize most of my health is related to my attitude and thoughts. I am being taught to always live above the line, and that takes me to stop and think before I make a choice. Life has not been the easiest over the last year, yet I think Woody and I have continued to grow better and stronger. A no quit attitude has taken us very far. A lot of that came from you and your mentors who helped us grow as better people. My goal is to continue to grow to become the best version of me. And to inspire others to become the best version of themselves. God only gave us this one chance to make a positive difference and that’s what I plan on doing.

  2. Sue, that is so great to hear. Taking control of our lives is one of our greatest responsibilities and when we do one of our greatest victories. Stay on our journey to great health, a continuous great attitude, and a great life. All my best to you and Woody.

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