Want a Fair Tax System?

Why do Major Corporations and the Super Rich have the ability to pay less taxes?

Because they can!!

The government has become a special interest government and those who have the money to get deals and breaks can do so because they are big enough to afford lobbyists and lawyers who get them favors with politicians.

Why would politicians give favors to big companies?  I’ll let you decide.

For now let’s look at a solution, not only a solution to limit the favoritism but a solution that would make every Americans life easier and more fair.

Watch and comment;

What could be more fair than EVERYONE without exception paying the same percentage?


5 thoughts on “Want a Fair Tax System?

  1. Have you looked into the Fair Tax? A system that eliminates the IRS, corporate tax, and income tax and brings choice to taxation.

  2. The problem with this proposal is, unless the 16th Amendment – the income tax – is repealed, the flat tax will eventually resemble the IRS income tax we are saddled with today.

    The 16th Amendment is just a noose around the necks of the American people.

    To effectively “drain the swamp”, as proposed by our president-elect, the 16th Amendment must be repealed and replaced with the FAIRtax, a national sales tax on spending not income.

    FAIRtax is economically superior to the existing IRS system, and -unlike the 75,000 pages of the IRS code – is easy too interpret and administer.

    Congress has not attempted to replace the convoluted IRS code, using it instead to influence and reward other politicians, special interest groups, and lobbyists. Now, the door is open to enact replacement.

    Tax proposals that do not replace Amendment 16 are merely fresh-coats-of-paint on an already broken IRS system.

    Please visit BigSolution.org and discover the many benefits of FAIRtax.

  3. Absolutely Agree! It’s the biggest cost we have. We have the fed tax, the state tax, the unemployment tax, the sales tax, the payroll tax, the healthcare tax (really a tax), and on and on. Which costs a lot in accounting fees, filing fees, and then we got audited for thousands in which they found they owed us!

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