Educating the Populace

In my ongoing discussion about education and the value of college degrees I came across a video posting of Dr Ben Carson on an expanded discussion after his National Prayer Breakfast speech. In this interview he mentions that one of the most important things we can do to re-direct the course of America is that “we have to get our populace educated” Given the fact we have more college educated adults today than in the history of our country one would have to question the value of those college educations. Given Dr. Carson’s comment certainly one would assume that having a nation with so many college graduates we would not have the problems we have as a nation. It questions the validity of the many college degrees that have been granted. Listen to Dr. Ben Carson as he is interviewed by a number of guests and discusses possible solutions to America’s challenges. As Dr. Carson speaks about solutions by educating ourselves ask yourself  are we educating our populace or are we just selling degrees? The LIFE community has an objective to lead people to truth i.e. to educate the masses.


7 thoughts on “Educating the Populace

  1. Greg,
    Dr Carson hit a home run on his talk. Being an independent thinker and independent voter talking real truth. Orrin Woodwards new book LeaderShift I believe will share similar thoughts on why we need to educate the people. Slaves were not allowed to read. People who can read and dont read are no better off than those who can not.
    We need create a body of leaders with Dr Carsons non political thinking, to help get this country back.
    Keep sharing the truth and making a difference….
    You have certainly made a difference in our life.

    • Den,

      We have so much to look forward to. We are slaves to others thinking if we don’t learn critical thinking. Thinking free’s us. In the Political world there seems to be a tendency to tell people what to think for someone else’s benefit. Our goal should be to educate ourselves enough to critically analyze policy for the betterment of society as a whole rather than the few in society.

  2. WOW! That was great. The Life business is aligned with educating people and getting people to think critically. We need to think for ourselves and not have some talking head do that for us.

  3. Fantastic Greg! Thank you for sharing because I would not have seen it otherwise!!!
    LIFE’s role in “Saving America” is even more clear! God Bless!

  4. It just feels great to know that what we have been called to do in LIFE is what is right for this country and this world. Thank you for sharing this Greg. God bless you

    –thank you

  5. Great post Greg! Dr. Carson is speaking truths that need to be heard just as the LIFE business leaders do. As more people stand up and speak the truth, change starts to happen. It’s an exciting journey we have ahead of us. Thanks for sharing!

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