Youth in Motion

We hear today about the youth of our country and how we wish they were more involved in making our world a better world.

Kids on drugs, kids getting in trouble and dropping out of school. What is happening to today’s young people?

Well… thing is for certain, there are many who are actively involved and contributing to society and making it a better place to live.

One comes to mind recently that I heard on the EDGE Series, of a young man in Canada, 13 year old Wesley Prankard a young man who has raised thousands of dollars to help the Aborigines in Canada. His wisdom and efforts are an example for all young people that they can do more to make a difference. My Canadian friends should be proud of this young man.

For me personally, I know a young lady here in Pennsylvania that is making a difference. A little girl I have watched grow into a young lady who is out locally on the streets of Philadelphia making a difference…….Maile Hoffman. Let me share an article (click to read) that was recently written about Maile and her efforts to reach people to make a difference in their lives.

Maile’s accomplishments have been preceded by a lifetime of effort from her parents Tony & Sharon Hoffman previously featured in Profiles in Leadership, and her grandparents, and her mentors in her school and youth program from her church. Wesley Prankard speaks of his parents and the mentors who have shaped and continue to shape his life. There is power in proper associations and relationships. Parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, pastors, and friends all play a role positive and negative in helping young people to make life choices that either destroy lives or do good and change lives for the better.

Who are the young people you know who are making a positive difference in the world?

(Share their story in the comment section)

6 thoughts on “Youth in Motion

  1. What a great testimony to the LIFE business and the power of information! So proud of Maile and many other youth represented on this TEAM! (Thanks to the kids of the Obers, McGahees, Mallios’, Johnsons, Freys, and many others who have influenced my girls in such a postive way!!!) Thanks Greg and Lin for your leadership and example and for the impact you have made in our lives! Your family has forever changed the course of ours! For that and so many others things, we are eternally grateful!! Rhinos Charge!!! To one million!

  2. Great article Greg. Most young people (post college or of that age) have been blindsided by the change in the economy and business world. Old world rules have changed. But those who realized “their cheese has moved” are better prepared to change their thinking. My two daughters work 3 jobs each and still look for ways to serve. Helping others is in their makeup since they have done this since they were little. In between skiing, of course.
    Reading Harry Dent newsletter, an economist that you may be familiar with, I realized the US makes 300% more products than it did in the 1970’s. We have automatized and therefore need less employees. The media propagandizes the closing of a company or layoffs, when in actuality industries are expanding, right here in the USA. We make most of the car parts right here for most cars including imports. There are many other examples. I believe the real problem is the way we are thinking. Thank goodness for the leadership training we have in order to think outside the box, to revive the entrepreneurial spirit. I know it has impacted my children and I.

    • Elaine,

      Your daughters are example of the personal drive and servants heart that build companies, countries, and people by giving. My experience is they were shown that example by their parents and others close to them.

      Keep leading by example.

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