The National Debt Crisis

American’s all seem to have some awareness that the United States is financially unstable. Many although somewhat aware, are confused as to how to solve this problem. Many are really unclear of the real issues due to the size and complexity of our government.

First, we as Americans need to understand in simple terms where we stand financially. This short video I believe describes quite clearly the current situation in easy to understand terms.

As you can see from watching this video America has a simple problem; we spend more than we bring in. Everyone should know that is not a good practice even on the smaller scale of our own homes. And if we continue on this path we could be in a similar situation as Greece. The size and impact could be even larger than Greece’s. In Greece investors lost 70% of their money but with America’s debt at 32 times that of Greece’s, investors are at risk of losing a whole lot more. This affects everyone in America.

Second we need as Leadership Guru Orrin Woodward states to “confront brutal reality”. We can no longer ignore the real problem. We must face it and deal with it.

What is that brutal reality? I thought it was spelled out simply in the video;

  1. Washington must admit the problem
  2. Explain the problem to all Americans (without blaming)
  3. We (all of us) must face the pain of fixing the problem

What will it take to deal with this problem and fix it?

The crisis of the debt will be solved not by bantering back and forth but by facing the very real problem with very real solutions. The solutions spelled out in this video seem simple and quite clear. Congress and Washington certainly have an abundance of talent as many of these individuals are educated at some of the best colleges and universities in America. Certainly education is not the challenge. Experience should not be the issue as we have been facing some of these same issues for years, and when you break it down in simple terms they are not that complicated. What then is the problem and how can we solve it? I believe those in politics know what the problem is and lack the courage to solve it. It is much easier to blame each other and then confuse American’s by complicating the data.

That leaves the third step. We as Americans need to have leaders in our Nation’s Capitol that can be accountable. We need to expect someone in Washington to have the Courage of Leadership. We need to demand that someone who steps up, put the politics aside and put the Nation and its people first.


Be knowledgeable – Get involved and Vote

Contact your Federal, State, and Local Representatives and expect them to be accountable

Let your voice be heard.

If we are to succeed to be a great nation once again, we need to put the special interests aside and do as Abraham Lincoln said, “to be a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Just a comment after watching this video again.  –  Notice that what the federal government classifies as mandatory programs have taken the Constitution’s Article 1 Section 8 and redefined general welfare. The federal government has interpreted providing for the general welfare to include areas of life that were once considered personal responsibilities. It seems it has literally taken personal responsibility out of the equation. Providing for ones personal retirement and ones personal healthcare has now become a mandatory responsibility of the federal government. I don’t believe the framers of the Constitution meant such a broad definition of general welfare to include those responsibilities that should be left to the individual.


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