Stand on Principle

Societies have always had division among it’s citizens. America is no different. Recently over the last few years we have become increasingly divided on a number of fronts; politics, race, religion, gender, class division of the middle class, and most recently marriage.

The result of so much division has been a rapid cultural decline in America.

It’s time American Citizens take a stand, for the decline of our country hurts everyone of its people. But rather than take a stand by political party, or gender, race, etc. It’s time to take a stand on principle.

This video is one that takes a stand based on principle not politics. (Turn up your volume for max effect)

I am not a Catholic, but I applaud the Catholic Church for standing on their foundational principles. It seems we live in a day when many leaders have lost the courage of their convictions and in the case of religious leaders, many have done so in favor of protecting their tax free status or concern of government oversight (sounds like a socialist concern).

After watching this video ask yourself these few questions:

1. What basis is the foundation of my beliefs; principle or media/public opinion?

2. Do I fulfill my responsibility as an American citizen and vote?

2. Do I vote politics or principle?

3. What kind of America do I want to leave for my children or grandchildren?

This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service.

I challenge us all to Stand on Principle and to be that Courageous American to keep our country free. America has always had those who were Resolved to better themselves so they could have a better nation. The Founders of this great nation were men who had the courage of their convictions to put their families, their success, and their lives on the line so they could build a free nation. Will WE Stand on Principle?


10 thoughts on “Stand on Principle

  1. Greg, you are a man that is willing to stand on principle and I applaud you for your courage, not just in word but action

  2. We stand with you Greg – on principle. Politicians say what they must just for election purposes. The book “Resolved” written by Orrin Woodward, states “Character before reputation!” I applaud those who do this. It’s a tough one sometimes.

  3. You are so right. I too applaud not only your convictions but your courage to speak them. So many talk a “good game” in a one on one conversation. But when the personal stakes are high and there is a group of people that conviction is forgotten and self preservation wins. Your courage has given me courage. God bless.

  4. Greg, seeing your passion for changing this country by first changing yourself has really been an inspiration to me to do the same. We all are surrounded by people who complain about the state of our society but are not willing to do anything about it. Seeing you leading the charge makes me want to keep doing better.

    • Jason,

      Watching someone like yourself who is young and driven inspires me to want to make sure that the opportunities in America stay for all who want to pursue their dreams. Continue to grow and change yourself as you will inspire others I have have you.

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