Cronyism in America

There are a considerable amount of Americans that are disillusioned with our government today. Approval of Congress is at an all-time low. Citizens are upset and protests are occurring from the Occupy Movement to the Tea Party.

Why is there such a concern? We’ve heard too big to fail but is the problem too big to fix.

Watch this video and give me your thoughts.


8 thoughts on “Cronyism in America

  1. Great article Greg! It is true – some people are misguided in their belief that chronyism is a wall street issue. The bigger our federal government is the more power it has to levy regulations for special interest groups to insure their votes. Since the passing of the 16th and 17th amendments the federal gov. has more power over industry. Those industries that are in favor are considered too big to fail – related to Keynesian economics or privitised socialist processes. This serves to increase the income of the government in different forms – taxation and regulatory fees to name a couple. The government is then obligated to keep them from failing. It is so messed up. We need to get the truth out there so more people are aware of what is really going on. Thank you and the Team/Life business for getting the right information out there!

  2. Greg, thanks for the video. I hope it goes viral so more average Americans can better understand financial principles of a free market. I get so “fired up” about the manipulation of the system. If it was not for the LIFE/TEAM business I would still be in the dark. Lets keep spreading truth in our fight to preserve economic freedom as well as personal freedom through personal growth in all 8 F’s.

  3. Greg, I have not watched this video, but this is exactly what the Middle Class Squeeze is about and I am going to leverage this video to help explain it! Well done! thanks, Orrin

    • Orrin,

      Thanks for your comment and the recognition of the dilemma we face as a society. It is through the efforts of concerned Americans such as yourself who are willing to act by educating our fellow citizens of the truth.

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