Leadership Abounds

My last couple days afforded me the opportunity to view and participate on several different levels in local leadership events; Kings College Impact Forum held at the prestigious Westmoreland Club in Wilkes-Barre Pa and the 23rd Annual Pennsylvania Leadership Conference held in Camp Hill Pa.

In had the privilege of attending the Kings College Diversity Impact Forum where students who study at Kings from around the world support each other and expand their cultural experiences and interact with local business leaders. I was able to meet several dynamic young students several of which I had the opportunity to mentor and closely interact with; Exaud Hugho, Jorge Brito and Tyler Tynes and I was impressed with how well spoken and eager they were to learn. They were obviously benefiting from their educational experience and took the additional steps of leadership to involve themselves in this unique forum. The forum was coordinated by Nathan Ward, Director of the Office of College Diversity and LIFE member.

I had an interesting discussion with Freddy Pettit Esq. an attorney for approximately 15 years who has returned to Kings as Vice President for Institutional Advancement. His enthusiasm was evident as he described how the college was founded to help families of coal miner get a college education. He explained he was the first in his family to receive a college degree and that the college helped his parents meet the financial gap need to attend. He spoke of how Kings College changed his life. He graduated, met his wife there and went on to law school and a successful career. He is back to help others change their lives.

The speaker Roger Jackson of R. Jackson & Associates an educational consultant delivered an inspired message “Bringing the Manly Back” challenging these young men to become manly men and not just be XY chromosomal males. He spoke of their responsibility to model appropriate responsible behavior, and to learn what it is to be a gentleman. His final challenge was for them to rise up and be the man our families, communities, and country needs.

As a guest of the Commonwealth Foundation I attended the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference where author and national pollster Dr.Frank Luntz provided several powerfully visual examples demonstrating “It’s not what you say it’s what people hear” from his book Words That Work. The conference featured Presidential Candidates Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, as well as Pennsylvania Senate hopefuls each offering their vision. The conference provided a host of vendors focused on education of Americans on topics such as The Constitution, academic education, taxation, Freedom, Liberty, Patriotism, and personal responsibility. I was proud to see several TEAM LIFE exhibits also represented. The TEAM LIFE exhibits lead by Paul & Christhene Rabanal and Dave & Beth Ober / John & Deb Webster were professional and well spoken in their discussions with people interested in improving their lives in one or more of the 8F’s.

Both events emphasized the need for leadership and personal accountability and demonstrated leadership examples and needs abound. After listening to many people’s individual and group views and discussing the need for leadership today in America it is apparent there is a huge need and interest in leadership education among Americans. We need to return to trust in the backbone of Americans to follow the principle that if you give a man a fish he eats for one day (which lends itself to relying on the government) but rather to teach him to fish for a lifetime. There certainly is the need and with organizations such as these and the many LIFE growth groups that are developing there is ample opportunity for any individual willing to change their lives for the better.

I hope when the election comes and it is time to choose a leader that we can come together, not as Democrats, Republicans, or Independents, but as American’s. Not all of America will get everything they want in a candidate but we need to start moving towards a single nation not one divided by race, gender, religion, income, political party or any other divisive category. I believe if one were to follow the principles discussed in the CD by Orrin Woodward the Lens Effect which discusses the need to put those individual differences aside and to turn America back to start the journey toward less government intervention and more personal responsibility and ultimately more personal freedoms.


Cronyism in America

There are a considerable amount of Americans that are disillusioned with our government today. Approval of Congress is at an all-time low. Citizens are upset and protests are occurring from the Occupy Movement to the Tea Party.

Why is there such a concern? We’ve heard too big to fail but is the problem too big to fix.

Watch this video and give me your thoughts.


Are You Living Up To Your Leadership Potential?

Have you ever wanted to do something significant with your life? Make a difference in a person’s life or make a difference with your own. Maybe you are a big dreamer and have dreamed of doing something amazing with your life. Perhaps even so bold as saying you want to play a part to change the world for good. If that is you then why haven’t you?

Maybe you have tried and fell short or are falling short right now. Do you question your leadership ability? Have you asked yourself or asked GOD “am I even the right person with all my weaknesses and  flaws”? Trust me, I know the feeling. I like anyone else who has attempted to do more than I thought possible and who has wanted to do something important with my life have questioned myself and GOD, if I am really that right person.

I’d like to share some thoughts from a book I’m reading, Exponential, by Dave and Jon Ferguson – who are challenging my questioning of myself and bring some amazing points that are helping me in my leadership growth and may help you in yours.

The Ferguson’s discuss the concept of what they call “Empowering Conversations” in discussing conversations where a coach asks a leader to take the next step in his/her leadership journey.

I would like to look at the conversations we have with ourselves in this regard. We’ve all been there, asking ourselves to commit to a higher level of leadership commitment. When the moment comes how many of us want to “think big” (not in caps intentionally), but shrink back and think to ourselves “I am not capable.”

Here is what the Ferguson’s say; when we settle for a lower level of commitment, we place the development of the leader in jeopardy in a number of ways.

–          We minimize our potential – We think we are doing ourselves a favor by at least getting us to make a small doable commitment, rather than fulfilling GOD’s dream for us to reach our greatest potential.

–          We minimize the vision – When we lower the bar on leadership we make the mission of helping people seem insignificant, hardly worthwhile. Consequently we are less likely to attract high capacity leaders.

–          We minimize GOD – Who says GOD can’t change the world through you?

So you’ve failed….. So you’ve doubted…..So others have dismissed your chance of success….

Welcome to the World of Leadership

Take a Risk – Be a Leader – Change Yourself