Life Profile – Adam & Lisa McGahee

Adam McGahee Keynote Speaker at Kings College (read the article)

One of the great privileges you have when you work with emerging leaders is to see them grow. Adam McGahee is one of those leaders.  You tend to find that people as they grow model themselves after others as we all do, but leaders do so carefully. They are careful who they choose to model their lives after. One example of a leader worth modeling was the great Martin Luther King. It is not unusual for other aspiring leaders to choose him as a leader to model. In the process they themselves become figures whom others want to emulate.  Adam McGahee is such a man, a former member of the U.S. Army once stationed in Germany and fluent in German, a Pastor, and musician, Adam is creating a legacy worth following. Adam McGahee has a son, Adam currently a college student at Kings College. Young Adam while in high school competed on the debate team at the college level and was quite successful.  Adam Sr. who is the cousin of Willis McGahee of the Denver Bronco’s has another son Isaiah who is a young aspiring football player who is very competitive and always positive in his speech.

Of course they say that behind every successful man is a strong and supportive wife and that is definitely the case of Lisa McGahee. Lisa herself an accomplished speaker and active in the ministry has created a home environment that nurtures.Their home is warm and one cannot feel anything but welcome. And you can tell the leadership of the parents by the behavior of their children and the respect they show their parents. These sons of Adam and Lisa are two of the most polite young men I have ever met. What a foundation for a legacy.

Adam and Lisa McGahee along with their eldest son – LIFE Members


6 thoughts on “Life Profile – Adam & Lisa McGahee

  1. Well stated Greg. LIFE and it’s leadership is helping many people, realize that at one time they had someone they wanted to be like. Adam and his family are one of those Great influences, and is helping many others that LIFE is great. Thanks for the article, and for being a Great Leader.

  2. Thank you for this insight into Adam and Lisa! They are always a joy to see at Team/Life events, and, although they don’t know me, their sons are always an inspiration too by their presences at the events.

  3. Greg, a huge thanks to you and Lin for your persistent and consistent love and mentorship which continues to hold us while we are stretched above and beyond what we would do on our own. We are tremendously blessed to have you and the Team/Life as our significant leadership association.

    Trusting Jesus!!!

    Adam & Lisa
    Adam II & Isaiah

  4. Greg,
    What a wonderful post about Adam and Lisa! I have enjoyed watching their leadership journey. They truly exemplify lives in pursuit of excellence. Adam and Lisa have a wonderful gift of encouragement. More importantly, they exude the love of Christ in all they do! Thanks for this spotlight recognizing this wonderful loving family!!!

    Sharon and Tony Hoffman

  5. Hi Greg, loved your post. I have the awesome privilege of working with Adam and Lisa McGahee on a regular basis. They are two of my best friends, and business partners. They inspire me through their example every day. Their sons Adam and Isaiah are wonderful young men, who like their Mom and Dad are always willing to serve. Their faith and their willingness to share and teach through church and Bible study has given me a new perspective and enhanced every area of my life. What examples of emerging LIFE leaders. May God Bless them and reward their commitment to excellence! Elaine Lacey

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