How’s it Going?

Well it is January 15th, half way into the first month of the New Year.

How’s it going so far… know on your New Year’s resolutions?

Any better than last year?

Or the last 5 years?

Do you regret not doing what you said you were going to do?

How about living a LIFE of No Regrets?

How many people say year after year they are going to improve their marriage ……. Or relationships with their children…. Or their finances?

Why don’t we? Because it is tough to go it alone.

Let’s Change that RIGHT NOW!

Why not get plugged into a community of people, a TEAM if you will, to Have Fun, Make Money and/or Make a Difference?

Let’s live a LIFE of NO REGRETS!


7 thoughts on “How’s it Going?

  1. Greg said it. Going at it alone is tough. Since my involvement with the Life/ Team organization and my association with like minded individuals I have slowly begun to change. For me subscribing to the AGO series has been a blessing. With mentors assistance reading of subscription books and of course my Bible I’ve implemented a plan to improve my Christian character and ultametly my family relationship.

  2. I agree. There is nothing like the team. Even with regrets someone comes along side of you to help you take that step.

  3. Great article and the video was very thought provoking. A life of no regrets. Could that be what God had in mind? Thanks to a million.

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