Orrin Woodward IAB Top Leadership Award Winner for 2011

Orrin Woodward is chosen as the Independent Association of Businesses 2011 TOP LEADERSHIP AWARD WINNER!

According to the IAB:

The IAB Small Business Awards recognizes and awards businesses who achieve both qualitative and quantitative results in their organization.  The leadership award is the highest award given among all 10 categories.  This award applies to one’s own leadership principals and how they help develop and influence successful leaders throughout American businesses.

Who is the IAB?

The Independent Association of Businesses, (IAB) is recognized as America’s Premier Membership Association as a leader of innovative access to membership benefits.  Acknowledged by having represented the interests of more than a million members and receiving prestigious commendation by state and federal officials for its ability to educate and advance the growth of America’s small businesses and the self employed.

As a friend, protégé, and business associate of Orrin Woodward I have witnessed firsthand his commitment to Honor, Character, and Excellence which are all qualities of a true leader.

Congratulations Orrin!

5 thoughts on “Orrin Woodward IAB Top Leadership Award Winner for 2011

  1. Congrats to Orrin & Laurie !
    They are leading by example and 2012 is going to lay the foundation for a leadership Revolution in America which is so desperately needed …..

  2. Blessed and being a Blessing! That what authentic leaders like Orrin do Best!

    We are blessed to be associated with him.

    Adam & Lisa McGahee

  3. Congrats, hats off, stay fired up, im glad to be a part of your business. Orrin you are truely an inspirational motivator to impact and change communities! Now lets breathe life into the lifeless!!!

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