LIFE Business Results – The Beginning

On 11/1/11 the new business called LIFE began. The dream of leadership guru Orrin Woodward has launched. Like most companies who launch all hope to have success.  Some start quietly with no more than a hope that success will come. Others start with a business plan and a couple hopeful and energized dreamers with big plans and some experience. Others start with a BANG! They start with a proven leader, a team of entrepreneurs with a track record, a policy board  of highly experienced professionals. That is how LIFE began.

The TEAM community has been serving leadership communities in network marketing since 1999. As part of our training, we created a CD of the week program, which quickly established us as the top community building organization in the US market. By 2000, we were routinely hosting major functions with thousands of people in attendance. Indeed, many of the top leaders within network marketing have benchmarked our processes and systems to improve the leadership culture within their own communities.

Read Orrin’s entire article on the LIFE TEAM

I like to make decisions on actual facts. If you want the facts and not just someone else’s opinion on the internet I encourage you to attend one of the LIFE events. Experience first hand the diversity and quality of people. Hear for yourself what all the excitement is all about. It just might change your life.

2 thoughts on “LIFE Business Results – The Beginning

  1. Excellent article. “just the facts, ma’am” This will be useful for those who think they know what we are doing but actually don’t. Thanks.

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