Orrin Woodward – My Personal Experience

Over the last 4 years I have had numerous opportunities to meet and interact with Orrin Woodward. In fact, in early 2009 I made the decision after much thought and discussion with various business leaders to work personally with Mr. Woodward. My wife and I at that point had 30+ years experience in the Networking field. We had been successful in the field and did not take our decision lightly.
In the last several years since my decision to work with Orrin Woodward I can honestly say I have seen him exhibit nothing but honorable behavior. Our meetings and conversations have been open and frank. His advice straight forward and without hesitation. In 30 + years of business experience I have worked with many different business people and I can say without hesitation that Orrin Woodward is the real deal. He is honest and I trustworthy because I have seen him when taking the easy way out would have been acceptable, but he isn’t about doing what is acceptable but what is right, a rare quality today.
If you are considering working with the TEAM or LIFE business I can attest to the integrity of Orrin Woodward, the TEAM and the LIFE business. I have staked 30+ years of my business career on the line to work with Orrin and the TEAM and LIFE business and have not been disappointed.

3 thoughts on “Orrin Woodward – My Personal Experience

  1. It is great to be in business with people of such high integrity. You are counted in that group. We appreciate your business accumen and especially your friendship!

  2. Greg,

    I can say that working in this profession for many years as well, and being around great leadership for years, I believe that Orrin Woodward has
    nothing but the best intentions to serve and help people become their very best. Nobody is perfect, however he is as worthy as any other leader I have ever met, to follow, due to his convictions and character.

    We will charge like Rhinos to help the Life Team teach truth to millions and make a difference.
    Some critics will say that Orrin Woodwards team is a scam…

    I wish more people would scam me like you and Orrin have !!!

    Bill Gates has critics as did Steve Jobs… The higher you stick your head above the crowd, the more
    rotten tomatoes you get thrown at you. I have learned to welcome tomatoes, being thrown because
    that just means you are succeeding.

    If you read about Walt Disney or Sam Walton, they both said to succeed you must go against the current, which in turn means you will have critics and nay sayers.

    Thanks for the opportunity to be free and live free in this great US of America……

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